I am Jesus Christ Reborn Gods Son And This Is My Testimony


My name is Death and I am Jesus Christ reborn. I was born June 15, 1982 on Elsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, USA a month or so after my mom was flow into the country from a US military base that poisoned and tried to murder me in Germany where my parents were both stationed. My pupose is to watch many get dragged to hell, than drag many more there. Billions of people will most likely be removed in a smart flood with weather weapons and many many made events like fires and meteor showers. Please note all people reading this to demonize me and write bad thing about me behind my back for litigation purposes have committed suicide, hell is waiting for you lol.

Below are different things I went through in my life that woke me up to the fact that I’m Jesus Christ reborn. Some of the stuff I noticed later after becoming aware. It has taking a long time to go public with this information and many doors have closed to open this window. My main focus is to start getting the word out and to collect donations so I can help tons of people with the growing knowledge and mana below that I’m aware of, just after setting up people with bad intentions.

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I Met God and He Said I Was His Son – When I was about 22 years old (2004) I was living with 2 roommate’s in Vermillion, South Dakota and had a vision with a sprite contact while I was sleeping and then awake that took place in the Dakota Dome, then in my bedroom. Up until now I had different flying dreams where sometimes I could fly good and other times I could barely fly. This time I seem to have mastered flight. As I was flying down towards the floor as fast as possible to mimic a falling sensation I was teleported to a chair under a basketball hoop. While sitting down my head turned to the left and I noticed several girls helping someone in a wheel chair when I felt a hand on each side of my head move it forward so I was facing straight ahead when I heard a voice say “You are my son, open your eyes” When I opened my eyes I was now wide awake and standing in front of my bed off to the left was God. He let me witness him for 10 seconds or so before he faded away. God was a white spirit that seem to be taller than the room. He was wearing a white robe and had a long beard with long hair. I didn’t have time to look at his face very good, though I could tell he was Caucasian and he looked I guess like me slightly.

At the time this was by far the most Jesus evidence I had been given, but I was far from excepting it as fact. I told myself we are all Gods sons and daughters and never really thought about it that much. The whole head turning thing told me at the time that I needed to pay attention to whats in front of me and not worry so much about who’s watching me which made a huge difference in my quality of life when it came to paying attention to things. A few years later the same vision and spirit contact had a whole new meaning and seem to evolve helping a completely different way.

Visited By Young Girl Spirit While Sleeping – During the second Star of Bethlehem around July 21, 2015 I was massively awakened spiritually and had many strong visions along with being able to see God in my mind on my right side. The experience was very hard to deal with and understand at first as my mind seemed to be hijacked and I was no longer by myself in my mind.

During this period I had a vision while sleeping. In the vision I was sleeping at my grandmas house upstairs when I woke up and saw a young girl in a rocking chair. The girl quickly teleported to the front of my bed and told me that my sister’s husband was preventing me from helping her with lies behind my back. She then teleported very quickly to the side of the bed next to me and said that I was Jesus. In the vision my jaw dropped in aw as I got the information. After really waking I realized that forces where trying to get me to open up and except the fact that I was Jesus Christ which was still pretty hard to deal with.

Had Revelation Reading Revelations – During the Star of Bethlehem in July 2015 I had huge awakenings. I seem to do things and then a few days or weeks later I realized it had to do with Jesus or Revelations like God was always doing things before I found out what he was doing. I started to read the Bible after many years. I opened up to Revelations and started reading and the first words were “Jesus has a revelation”. At that very moment I had a revelation that I was Jesus understanding it some how and seemed to be lining up with other Jesus propaganda in my life. So at that time I guess I started off Revelations in the Bible which we seem to be in now. If your aware like me than you already know that all the tech in Revelations is already available in the world. Get ready to disappear evil as there is nothing you can do. The age of men suffering from lack of knowledge and very very poor leaderships is almost over.

Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night Saying Jesus – About a year and a half or so after the Star of Bethlehem July 2015 I was still having a hard time with my awakening as my whole world seem to have gotten turned upside down and I was rejecting the Jesus propaganda as hard as I could, but they didn’t let up. Several times I woke up in the middle of the night and the word Jesus would come out of my mouth like something had taken over my body. I had no thoughts in my head before the words coming out of my mouth and it was like something was speaking through me. This was a big step for me and helped me deal with what seems to be inevitable.

Hearing Loud Voices In My Head During The Day – After my awakening in 2015 I started to hear voices in my head all the time. When I can’t think of a word 2 or 3 times, bam, the word is given to me by spirits or something else. Many times during my denial phase I heard the words Prophet, Messiah, Crucified, Loop and a few others. Psychologists (psychic killers) and other doctors have been taught that hearing voices means your crazy or something malpractice like. In reality these people have been mislead intentionally at colleges to stop an evolving population from becoming the dominant ho

All FDA doctors are fake 100% malpractice quacks avaiding the vast fast natural preventions and cupres will write bad things down about you bearing false witness in secret court files in an attempt to med you with anti psychic meds in hopes that you kill yourself from the side effects, destroy your life, become homeless, lose psychic abilities, get stuck on meds permanently. These doctors are pure satan and should be put in jail easy for high treason, mass murder, false witness, their ONLY malpractice, and for the load of murderous side effects the drugs cause they know about and don’t know about but the developers do like the bad part of the military. You should NEVER tell a doctor or police that you hear voices as they have been trained to destroy you and will only bear false witness. These so-called “educated professionals” will be in hell for a LOOONG time, potentially 1,000’s to 1,000,000’s of years, for being trained Kicking Christ Killers and using only treatments and procedures that betray, poison, and kill masses knowingly.

Heard A Voice In My Head Saying I was Jesus – When I was about 19 I had partied a little too hard and instead of passing out in the house where my friends would have done vandalized me I decided to sleep in my car. While I was in my car I suddenly felt like there was something outside the car window and I heard a loud voice saying “Your Jesus”. I ran the odds in my head and came up with impossible then decided to ignore the information.

Felt Like Jesus At A Young Age – For some reason I felt like Jesus at a young age around 15 years old (1997). I told my mom down by a lake and she obviously didn’t believe me as I expected, but for some reason I had to get it off my chest. I figured that most boys who have Bible experience play with the thought that they might be Jesus. One thing I have learned is that many people have a fleeting thought they are Jesus and they take the hook, line and sinker. This seems to be consistent with rich white people, famous preachers and people calling themselves prophets. The difference between me and these people is where they had a little thought and seem to have taken it too far I have had over kill evidence and tried to do nothing with it.

Had Contact With Satan Or Something Posing As It – When I was 28 years old I was brutally fired from a job for pretty much no reason on a Friday. I had a pretty high title and was happy, but God seem to have other plans for me. On the following Monday I started my path as a Webmaster and how I’m typing to you right now. After a few months late at night I was getting desperate to earn more money on my website and said to myself “I would do anything for money”. Right away I heard a loud voice in my head say “Satan is here” I could almost feel an entity come in through the back door down stairs, then the dog started to bark in its sleep like I have never heard before. I felt the entity come up the stairs very fast and for some reason could tell that something invisible was standing/floating right next to me. For some weird reason my mind almost went blank and I completely for got about what just happened for about a half hours. I then realized again that satan had just payed me a visit or was still there and was enlightened that I was made to ignore it and care little. I was aware that what I said was not a good thing and that this is probably how evil rich people get rich. I stopped my action from choosing a just for money path and chose a healthier path. I had a run in with satan a couple other times though I can’t remember the experience as I really just didn’t care and paid it no attention.

I know now that satan has no power over me and that if you’re having demon problems say Jesus Christ a whole bunch or get angry at them and they will go away. Fear is control while anger is out of control and hard to control. Thanks to Alex Jones nutritional supplements and Dr. Joel Wallach’s 90 Essential Nutrients I see satan in my mind as another type of non human life form that is always bowing and cowering to me. It looks coincidentally like the first picture of satan in Google images indicating that the people in charge of illegally rigging the search engines are satan worshipers. I know that my spirit ranking is far beyond satan and he/she/it has no power over me or you for that matter. If you are even the slightest good person you are far better than satan and its dumb demons.

Destroyed A Dragon With A Sword From God – I had a very vivid dream when I was younger around 14 years old. In the dream I was sitting at a desk on the second story of a house that was cut in half. My desk was facing the outside where the ground was on fire and before me stood a 30 foot dragon. I immediately called out to God for the power to defeat it and a sword came down from the clouds and into my hands. I wasted no time and whipped the sword at the dragon which was destroyed.

Named After Apostles – My first name Philip and middle name Andrew are both names of apostles. I’m not sure which is which, but one is named after someone in the Bible and the other is named after a great-uncle.

ET The Movie – The movie ET directed by Steven Spielberg come out on the exact same day I was born. In the move the cute little alien heals someone with a touch. I also seem to have had a very strong image of the same alien appear in my head before bed when I was about 34 years old giving me the impression that the alien in the movie is actually a real life form roaming the Universe.

Prince Williams, Duke of Cambridge – For the longest time I thought I had the same birthday as Prince Williams, but come to find out after just checking he’s actually a few day younger than me. A whistle-blower MI5 agent Annie Machon said the MI5/6 is tasked with destabilizing the world and had involvement in the World Trade Centers demolition on 9/11. Alex Jones says 95% of the FBI is corrupt and committing high treason. If the FBI is talking their lying and if they show up to a crime they probably did it directly or were aware and did nothing to spread terrorism propaganda so satan (really stupid bad people) can take down America and then the world with mass extermination, though many people are being murdered daily on earth from poison food, water, air, radiation (Japan Reactor, Weapon Testing, WiFi, Cell/News Towers) all FDA meds are poison, fake knowledge, fake wars and who knows what else. 9/11 seems to be highly religiously motivated or made to look like it as the Tower of Babel fell in the Bible in Genesis 11:1-9. There’s just too much proof it was an inside job like Robert Mueller, head of the FBI just getting exposed for being involved in blowing up the buildings and murdering many witnesses afterwards.

Visited By 2 Spirits – When I was about 9 years old (1991) I decided to move my room around so that my bed was open on both sides instead of having one side against the wall for fear protection. When I woke up in the middle of the night I looked at the end of my bed and witnessed a male spirit that was white in color all over, but could tell that it was a African skin color. He was wearing garb that looked religious and seem to be reading a bible or holding it open in front of me. My first impression was lots of fear as I hid under my covers for what seemed like a couple hours until I got the courage to run down stairs to my parents bed room. I had really no idea what I had just seen and thought to myself that it might have been a reflection from the street light.

A short time later I ended up moving my room around to the same position. This time when I woke up I saw a girl standing at the end of my bed holding a puppy dog. My reaction was the same as I hid under my blankets in fear, but this time I’m not sure if I ran to my parents room downstairs. Later I realized that the spirits may have tried to communicate in a more passive way with a little and a dog the second time around. While typing this down right now I realize the trigger might have been moving my bed in a position with both sides open which would have been a life move that shows maturity and willing to face my fears.

Healed By Spirit/Angel And Visited By 3 Spirits – When I was about 19 (2001) I was sleeping in the basement of a couple friends house that I had been living at for a few weeks. I woke up in the morning thinking I was having some kind of heart attack and fearing for my life I called my grandma to give me a ride to the hospital. At Sanford hospital in Sioux Falls, SD I saw a doctor right away that was female and she did a couple tests like listening to my heart rate and such, nothing big. I mentioned that I had smoked some Mary Jane and right away somehow she magically knew that was guaranteed the cause of my problem (malpractice). I decided that I had some kind of panic attack. I was then seen by another woman in the hospital who was trying to get me to say I was suicidal so I guess she could put me on murder meds or write down lies about me it was trained to do by the satanic 100% malpractice no oversight self policing FDA so I could easily be demonized the rest of my life. The aura of this female was extremely wicked like she was some kind of serial killer with no regard for human life so I gave her no information. In the old days brick shoes might have been appropriate, but these days a short time to life in revamped work camp prisons to work off their debt along with the fake crisis actor false flag news like MSM, fake police, fake FBI, fake CIA, fake lawyers/states attorney’s, fake judges, fake corrupt government sectors like IRS FDA CDC DEA ATF, fake big banks, corporate figures and the rest of the wicked 1776 invaders involved with repent programs is probably better suited so they can be re-educated stopping them from going to hell and dragging others with them.

I left the hospital after an hour or so and went to stay at my grandmas house. At the time I thought that the weed was the problem so I thought that I was going to have to stop hanging out with all my friends which causes me a great burden and a heavy weight depression came upon me. That night after I went to sleep I woke up and there was a baby about 2 years old sitting on my chest and as I started to play with it I noticed it was retarded and didn’t respond like a normal child. This frustrated me and as soon as I was aware of the frustration the baby disappeared and another spirit/angel appeared sitting at the end of my bed. She was about the size of a 9 year old and when she looked at me I immediately understood that everything was going to be okay and all the pain I was feeling disappeared and I felt healed.

After the healing she disappeared and another spirit appeared off in the corner of the room almost hiding in the shadows to give the impression that he had a physical form, but I could still see through it and knew that it was a bad spirit because it had little light and negative body language. He was wearing a sweater that looked like Freddy Krueger and had long hair down to his neck. He wanted me to go downstairs to look and porn on my grandmas which at first I though was a good idea. My spirit then left my body and I started walking down the hall and then down the stairs. When I got to the door at the bottom of the stairs I realized this was a bad idea and decided to disobey it. When I turned around there was nobody standing behind me anymore, but them something touched my head pushing my back against the door. The message to me was that there are unseen forces trying to get us to do bad things, but not for long if this is Revelations and I can help it.

I later realized the reason I had a panic attack was not from the super natural cure THC, but from the disgusting mess in the basement that left the air with a thick cloud of dust, mold and who knows what else. Sanford hospital and the like is illegally operation on planet earth and has some very hard times ahead of them. They may refuse to put cameras on doctors and have witnesses at all times to protect from highly illegal anti-Christ activity, but I can guarantee you that the military is watching your every move. I wonder if the elevators have to secret basements for doing satanic things or to try to escape. I know in most hospitals and police/sheriff stations are one or many trained CIA FBI assassins (highly payed, long career or big boss title) who take orders to kill trouble makers like people who try to make cures go viral (Me) or for other political reason that these compartmentalized mafia controlled friends and family only government employees do to maintain demonic control.

Family Members Named Mary – I have 2 family members with the name Mary one is close and the other one is slightly further away. Jesus talks in the Bible though how Mary seemed to be more of a false witness and believed the critics when they called him crazy. My mom has the same problem. When Jesus was met by his family while he was talking to the masses, instead of going to them right away he explained to everyone how the masses are his friends and family implying that he was having problems with the people closes to him like family. Jesus also said he was having a hard time being honored by his family, friends and people in his home town that he knew before going public. This is something I also deal with though anyone these days with smarts and high ideas will probably be talked down to or have a hard time communicating.

Almost Healed A Bug – On the night that I partially lost my virginity with a whore named Sara I was about 22 years old. I had a few drinks and smoked some gong that night. It was late and after the after bar around 3 in the morning. There was definitely a different energy in the air possible due to the females energy, but for some reason I felt compelled to try and heal a damaged bug that was on the floor. So I took the bug and placed it in my hand and then try to will heal it for some reason. After about 15 seconds I gave up and then I was hit pretty hard in the shoulder by something invisible that gave my the impression that I could have done it if I tried harder. I felt like I was ignoring the female who was waiting for my attention so I moved on without trying again. I feel the recipe for healing like Jesus and later some of the Apostles is real love and believing that you can do it. I also believe that you can use certain types of plants and herbs to reach the same state so that beginners can do it easily and that the US military has something like it.

Best Friend As A Child Was Named Chris Carpenter – I was held back a grade when I was in kindergarten at Hawthorn Elementary for swearing at a teacher from what I was told which was probably a combination of stress in the home and your typical stupid unqualified child abusing teachers lacking any patients or tact when it comes to dealing with children. Instead of going to the first grade I went to Jr First. This is the first time I met Chris Carpenter and we started hanging out pretty quickly. I spent a lot of time at his house spending the night and doing lots of things kids do like fishing with corn or terrorizing the neighborhood. I eventually had a falling out with Chris around 19 and never talk to him anymore.

I have no memory of ever swearing at a teacher or being disrespectful towards them except in one case where I was attacked by a 9th grade math teacher / football coach? in Madison, SD High School who told me to shut up for literally no reason and I said the same back and was kicked out of school. Reflection is a powerful weapon against stupid evil people by showing them who they are or doing/saying the same things back to them. Why no cameras in classrooms or the principal’s office? Are you saying they’re too stupid to do their job? No witness areas in government is a huge indicator of high crime rates like police, doctors, city council decisions and many other places and also allows false flags like school shootings to occur. Cops and such that have a problem with a camera being pointed at them should be reprimanded or fired immediately. You would think a person could make a good living triggering police with cameras then suing the pants off the county though WE THE PEOPLE would end up paying for it plus the false witness states attorney and judge can apparently break any law to cover up any crime for friends and family. The local mafia government would probably be triggered so hard you would have to leave the state too.

My Dad Fell In A Bush Of Thorns On the Night Of My Conception – My mom and dad were both stationed in Germany on a US military base when they first met when they were both about 20. They hard been partying kind of hard at a bar when they decided to walk back to base. Just outside the bar my dad thought it would be a good idea to give my mom a piggy back ride, but when she jumped on his back he fell face first into a bush with huge thorn that stuck all over in his head and face, I think she lost a sandal too. When they got back she had to pull them out of his head. I’m guessing some time after that they got down to business. I have been told that I was not planned and it looks like I have a little FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) in me too.

Stabbed In Middle Of Hand With Nail – When I was about 18 (2000) I was working for a very small business putting styrofoam siding on buildings when I was layed off because he didn’t have enough work. A year or so later I called him back and started working for him again. This time a couple other guys had the job position I had before so I was doing a lot of clean up. When I went to throw some trash into a very large dumpster I put my hand on a board that had nails in it without realizing it and almost stabbed a nail all the way through the inside middle of my hand. It swelled up right away with a huge bump and the guys decided I should go to the doctor, though I wasn’t in any pain. The doctor gave me antibiotics and showed me pictures of people who did the same thing and needed to have their whole arm sliced open to fight the infection which has to be a malpractice tactic to make more money through surgery when infection should definitely be able to be handled in a more passive way. I took the antibiotics for a couple of days until I noticed blood in my stool and discontinued use. My hand ended up healing fine without any problems.

A year or so later some how without telling anyone this story got around the grape-vine, I guess some how from the 2 guys I was working with. I was in the basement of a house party talking to some people and they brought it up. While I was walking up the stairs I could hear them talking behind me saying that I was some kind of super strong person for having that happen to me without complaining about pain.

Best Friends Birthday Is On Christmas – One of my best friends that I have known for years was born on Christmas. Christmas though has turned into a greed fest where people give each other useless garbage because they are told to by the government. You should give IQ boosting cure prevention life extension like the 90 Essential Nutrients if you really love someone or things they can use to advance in life like tools (Hammers, Computers, ect.) or money which is always a winner if your just gonna buy useless stuff. If they really need something why wait until Christmas? Santa Claus sounds and looks too much like Satan Claws and is probably some elite MKUltra conditioning word game for social engineering.

How To Avoid Hell And Enter Heaven – It’s not so much what you have done that puts you in hell, but who you are when you get to the other side. If you have done some horrible things in your life try to make them right as mush as possible. Never lie to yourself because God is watching you all the time not to mention the whole spirit world can see your whole life at will. You can lie to protect yourself and others from evil, but you can’t lie to do horrible things to others. Read through the ten commandments and see if anything pings you like it’s something you can work on. The ten commandments are things that are naturally built into us and affect all people the same. So being comfortable with the commandments will let you know that you are definitely on the right track. Try to understand that antichrists and atheists aren’t necessarily always bad people they just do know God yet probably from getting pushed away by title blind judging Christians who think they are better just because they attend church or call themselves a Christian, consciousness and everything in it is Gods house not just some building.

If you’re having a hard time making your life better it’s because your body is sick and you need the mana nutrition below like the 90 more than likely. Hanging out with vampires that suck out your energy by talking too much or putting you down with negativity like a bad relationship, friendship or family members like over controlling parents can make it almost impossible to get ahead. Many times the problems you have are from the negative people around you and getting away from them can solve many of your problems. When people treat you bad it can cause you to hit back naturally. In these situations it’s best to try to get away from those situation. In the end don’t try to hurt people or animals and throw the first stone. Instead try to help make the world a better place. It can be hard if you have little in life or your young. Make small steps forwards and they will eventually turn into giant leaps and in no time you wont believe how much you’ve grown and how better life is.

I’m Being Framed By South Dakota Secret Court High Treason FDA, Judges, FBI and Homeland Security – This testimony puts my life and freedom at risk. I have already been visited by the FBI (Mike + another from Sioux Falls?) who basically said the FDA is holy and I’m a crazy bad person that need meds (nailed to a cross) for saying negative things about them. Were they a doctor? Did a doctor tell them to put me on meds? I’m guessing no which has to be illegal. Alex Jones just got done saying a short time before that the FBI was now telling everyone they needed meds. Looks like impersonating a doctor and an officer to me. They stole my pistol (got something waaay worse) and made threats making it sound like I couldn’t confront FDA corruption. This was the first time I met the FBI in person and they are much weaker than I ever realized and seem to suffer from dementia and just seemed extremely sick and unhealthy overall. TV shows try to give the FBI and cops a good rep covering up their tyranny. Thanks to these sub-human agents I was broke free from the overlord bully spell they have on the public and now have zero fear of the FBI and zero respect.

About 3 months later Homeland Security came to my house and I actually kinda liked the one guy as he listened to me and wrote down the 90 Essential Nutrients (See mana below for more info) when I told him that hospitals cause birth defects intentionally by giving limited nutrition before and during pregnancy and the 90 prevents ALL birth defects when taken with healthy food. The accusation and time of its occurrence seemed to be made up. I would expect they wrote down more lies about me that ended up getting me kidnapped from my house by 2 corrupt clueless just taking orders Turner county sheriffs.

Another 6 or so months later I had a very strong nightmare vision while sleeping and had know Idea that over the next 21 days everything in it would come true. On 05/16/2017 two Turner county sheriffs (Byron Nogelmeier and ?) showed up at me house to arrest me for something I said that  nobody is able to tell me. I believe the FBI and Homeland Security set me up by writing lies about me that I can’t see. That’s treason baby boys punishable by death.

First they took me to Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services in Viborg, SD PO BOX 368 605-326-5161 which is owned by Sanford (satan). They tried to take my blood, but I refused telling them that it would destroy my temple and is worse than assault. I was able to avoid getting blood drawn, but this seemed to make Dr. Syed Asif Shan very angry. I had a really hard time understanding him and this seemed to make him even more angry. I could tell by looking at him that he had extreme hate down inside him like he was some kind of Saudi Arabian Muslim assassin sent to America so he could be a doctor and kill Christians. Sanford and all other FDA hospitals like Avera seem to like docs that don’t care about human life and just try to make money with meds and surgery which makes Muslims perfect for the job. He then started to put lie words in my mouth right in front of the sheriffs saying that I thought dentist were putting listening devices in people’s teeth, unbelievable. He wrote this down on my secret court record as every doctor I came across afterwords ask me if I really thought dentist where putting spy devices in teeth, then they looked at me like I was crazy. I must have heard it 20 times. I then told him that I can see lots of anger inside of him and he walked away patients to attend to, you mean murder for money.

A sheriff then took me to the Human Services Center mental hospital in Yankton, SD where a psychologist by the name of Tim Kleinsasser 605-668-3100 (assistant is Julie 605-668-3349) and another psycho insane mutated sick looking doctor did nothing but bear false witness and have no clue what I was talking about, ever. They assumed I hated all doctors which is extremely stupid because lots of doctors are not in the medical industry and many who are use natural cures and are great people. They asked why I think meds are bad and I replied that the more you take them the less your body can heal naturally with nutrition. They both dropped their heads to the floor and walked off almost shamed like. I was immediately sedated and knocked out cold for no reason with 2 needles. Keep in mind that I have never done any meds and worked hard to keep my body healthy. They spent the next 21 days taking blood from me almost every day and forcing me to take some kind of poison med twice daily which seem to keep changing and really messed me up completely hijacking my body in a bad way.

It was unbelievable how when ever they opened their mouths they were dead wrong and would say the most incriminating things like God was making them expose weaknesses. At one time Tim said every time he puts someone on meds they don’t work and they have to try something else. I though wow your stupid, why would you tell me that? Sounds illegal to me. Tim also told me I shouldn’t waste my money on nutritional suppliments. I manipulated their weak minds and played their little game to get out as fast as possible, 21 days. At the end they were having some kind of complication releasing me. I was walking into the bathroom and I heard a very loud voice in my head “Your leaving early”. Soon after somehow paper work got messed up and they released me early, thank God, but they had gotten another court order to keep me on Invega Sustenna for a year which was another lie because it was a year and a month I was told later.

Invega was a shot that I had to get monthly for a year that destroyed me completely. It shut off all my psychic abilities and my ability to communicate with God, Jesus and others. It made me extremely fearful of the government in an unnatural way and I felt like everything in my life before was an illusion. I was overwhelmingly attracted to only poison food like magic and had no will to eat healthy natural food. For some reason I couldn’t care about hygiene and was unable to wash my hands even after using the rest room. Showering was extremely uncomfortable as when the water touched my head I felt like I was drowning. I also felt extremely suicidal for the first time in my life and was having overwhelming feeling of taking my own life. This stuff is meant to kill you or destroy your life and probably where a lot of homeless people come from. Basically these doctors along with those responsible for producing it like the FDA tried to murder me in a way where they didn’t look like the guilty party. Some other wicked people involved in the year long med prison murder attempt were Administrator of SD HSC Troy Jones, Yankton Clerk of Courts Jody Johnson, First Circuit Court Not Honorary Judge Glen A. Eng and last but plenty more unnamed Chairperson Yankton County Board of Mental Illness Lucy M. Lewno.

When I got out of Yankton on 06/05/2017 they made me go to Southeastern in Sioux Falls 100 West 5th St 605-336-0503 to check in every month and to get satans high treason forced murder medication. On the first day I went there was a lighting storm that knocked out the system and none of the computers worked. The “care specialist” they assigned to me Diana Cruz and it was her first day too. Diana was one of the dumbest people who I’ve ever met. I told her over and over problems I was having just to be ignored like when is my last day, no answer. After a couple months I almost stopped sleeping completely and was only getting a few hours of sleep a night if I was lucky because of the poison medicine obviously, especially since I have never taken murder meds before. Everyone there didn’t care or understand or both. One doc about a month in forced me on blood pressure meds for my leg shaken when I was in there from nervousness, but I never took them. What a blind murderous doctor pushing medication like that. These doctors and staff at Southeastern supposedly have the worst reputation of all the medical industry in Sioux Falls. I told a few people of my situation and they talked to their doctors at Avera who said SE docs don’t care at all about anyone and are just trying to put people on meds. I already knew that though.

I finally got an emergency meeting with one of thee most wicked people I have ever met Dr. Vinod Bhatara. He had 2 broken pars of glasses on his desk and on good pair and kept switching between them like a wacko. Can’t you afford new glasses with all that murder money? He wouldn’t listen to me at all and thought the no sleeping must have been something else. You don’t know the side effects of the drugs your dealing? MALPRACTICE MURDER!!! He was trying to get me on another sleeping med that was also an anti-psychotic. I literally felt like I was in some crazy mental hospital movie were they never let you leave and can do and say whatever they want about you. I was talking to him for almost 2 hours trying to manipulate him to get off the meds completely and not take any when a miracle happened. Dumb Diana finally did something useful and knocked on the door. She said that I didn’t have an end date to get off the meds and that I could leave at any time without fear of police arresting me again and going back to the mental hospital. This felt like a perfect timing door closing window opening Gods hand miracle. I then realized that Vinod had said the same thing earlier, but worded it in a sneaky way making it sound like I couldn’t leave. They were all lying to me the whole time. Vinod tried every satanic trick he could to talk me out of leaving like he was told to keep everyone there as long as possible to make money with meds, he was powerless at this point. The day I stopped taking the meds was 09/11/2017 and my life returned to normal after a few months, though I’m sure permanent damage has been done somehow. Torture and death for those involved, then hell.

Evil Adultris Bride – Around July 21st 2015 when I somehow turned on I had 2 wet dreams 2 nights straight for a total of 4 involving Lee Ann McAdoo. I was somehow linked up to her and could see her image in my mind. I was fun for a couple of days until I looked online at who she really is, not a virgin. She may have a hymen, but the stuff she’s done with others makes her a whore. Her image started to stress me out so much it ruined my life from what I would call sikick attacks. My website we’re lost due to the stress costing me $40,000 at least. I was unable to support me and my family with nutritional suppliments and she is not only a Christ killer in my book, but has helped muder my family like Satan. For this I give her to Satan, a perfect vessel for sacrifice. I heard the word vile in my mind constantly which destroyed my life. Now, after a few years it coming back so if this is real I put the bride info in to put weight on her shoulders and to let the beast know, GO AWAY WHORE REJECT!!! Look at how it rubs it’s breast all over Joe Biggs, if that’s not backstabbing whore adultry I don’t know what is. There is a lot more dirty behavior and lies, but I don’t want to waste to much time on a bottom feeder. I pray to God I’m not Jesus or that Lee Ann goes away or dies. Her dad was just recently murdered and mom slaughtered with a 500 cheat x-ray breast exam which I prayed for.

Mana – In Revelations John the Elder talks about Jesus giving his mana to those who came close to him. For me mana means things that you ingest into your body that benefit in a healthy or holy way. Below are the best of the best when it comes to nutritional supplements, cleanses, and clean water that cure and prevent disease along with a much longer life expectancy. If it was up to me all of this mana information would be public and very available so coming close to Jesus for mana is really just listening. The info below should be done ASAP as Revelations seems to be in full effect and it looks like before rich brain dead evil godless men and woman get put in their true place in life they will poison all the water completely, food and drink even more or shut down production (Walmart feeds 80% of US garbage food), air bio weapons like 9/11 towers or big fires or volcanoes, meds even more like quick kill mandatory dumb down vaccines/Rx or over counter meds, 3/4/5G cell/news towers WiFi MiFi routers smart meters microwave radiation mega cancer causers are already here (Block using Aluminum Screen Faraday Cage with Ground), damage transportation like no fuel, shutdown communications like phones or internet (They already modify search results for each person blocking important things like cheap natural cures and this whole testimony) and a whole lot more that is almost impossible to list here. Below is most of the mana I am aware of which can dramatically increase your quality of life like never before. Alex Jones has wasted millions of dollars on his whores , retarded children and to buy overpriced garbage like rolexs for him and his adultery staff that should have been spent on the people the money came from. Is everyone corrupt to the core? Jones also hides the 90 Essentail Nutrients now so he can make more money selling his own far less quality multi-vitamins. It seems greed has got the best of him.

I personally would rather have these items romoved from the world then use them to help people. Time is pretty much up. Thanks to those who have helped do so. I was trying to set you up for hell lol. Might won’t to run your facial recognition on testimonies of hell and know that you are most doubtably going there lol, kisses.

The 90 Essential Nutrients aka Healthy Body Pak or a V115 is the most important mana I am aware of and should be taken as directed for the rest of your life for max life expectancy plus tons more. Take the 90 at breakfast and dinner along with daily poached eggs with pink Himalayan salt to taste and pepper (1-2 eggs for kids and 6-10+ for adults depending on body weight) as eggs are perfect protein and “healthy” cholesterol which the brain is mostly made of. Salt is needed for stomach acid to function properly and digest food better. Doctors saying eggs and salt are bad are committing malpractice and breaking the law. Then only eat natural foods like chicken, turkey, fish, fruits, veggies and none processed. If you can’t afford the whole pack then at least get the Tangy 2.0 as it has the most nutrition and take sparingly. Watching this 3h 30m video about the 90 will open your eyes up to how nutrition is directly related to life expectancy, disease, preventing all birth defects (Genetic birth defects is a lie), cure Diabetes Type 2 in 2-14 days, get ride of Gray/White hair, varicose/spider veins, Dementia, Allergies, Psoriasis, Heart Disease, prevent flu, raise IQ, lose a 1 lbs. a day, CURE CANCER plus many more potential cures and preventions just by taking the 90 and avoiding poison FDA food and meds that are supposed to be illegal. One of the big side effect is that you will get pregnant on the 90 even if a bunch of misinformed quack doctors said you can’t anymore and it will also render birth control pills useless so be warned. Another thing to know is the older you are, the more bad food you’ve ate, the more prescription meds you’ve taken and the more damaging the treatment you.ve had like chemo the less chance you have to get healing from the 90 or healthy food.

The 90 cured my arthritis in 2 days though it can take up to 60 days for others depending on severity and amount of damage done by man-made poison medications and treatments. Your doctors will try and hold you hostage with highly illegal FDA  that totally violate human rights. If you’re looking for cures or preventions type the name of the cure into YouTube then add Dr. Joel Wallach like “Cure for Arthritis Dr Joel Wallach”. This should bring up what you need though Google has high treasonly rigged the search results to hide the videos with the best info so you may have to watch a few to get all the pin point answers you’re looking for. If you search Google you will most likely get nothing as they are greedily addicted to selling murder meds instead of quick full proof 100% natural cures. Sites like WebMD.com and MayoClinic.org are mostly lies (malpractice) with tons of misinformation to hide cheap easy natural cures that don’t make greedy debt ridden title blind quack crime hiding high treason FDA adultris doctors rich with blood money. Hospitals are the some of the most dangerous places on earth and private practices are far worse rampent with medical insurance companies working hand in hand to commite off the charts insurace fraud. The richer the FDA doctor the more lying, thieving and murderous they are, follow the money and title. They are extremly easy to catch doing ilegal activity with hidden cameras and people could make a good living sueing them, though the corrupt gov and docs around them will probably murder you. Where’s the FBI? Their in on it and just as guilty.

Advanced Liver Cleanse for 10-20 lb gone in first week then even more weight leaving in the days to come from the body being able to get rid of it naturally now your liver is better. This will probably be the best cleanse you’ve ever experienced, lately it has been way cheaper than is could be by $50 when compared to buying them separate like on eBay or at InfoWarsStore. The liver is a major organ that cleans the body of toxins among other things and when it’s running good major healing, weight loss and natural detox can take place in the body. This cleanse will also remove green plastic balls that get stuck in your gallbladder from foods like McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, Subway Bread, and other foods. Same plastic found in yoga mats. About quarter sized round green balls will come out in your stool. I can vouch for this personally as for me there were bright green balls and old gray dead looking ones in my stool the morning after taking the Epsom salt and extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. You can look on YouTube for videos of the green balls, but be warned as they may try to mislead into a different cleanse that is nothing compared to this one or could actually be dangerous. The most important part of this cleanse is drinking the Epsom salt (might be by pharmacy when buying in store) and the extra virgin cold pressed olive oil before bed, though the Liver Shield, Oxy Powder, Latero-Flora, Healthy Cleanse Diet, and Purified Water are a must to max effects. Each time you do this cleanse your body can noticeable be felt getting stronger some how with sharper thinking and better memory along with all kinds miracle like healing results. Here are the instructions for the Advanced Liver Cleanse.

Oxy Powder mentioned above is the safest colon cleanser stool softener available and gets rid of lots of stuff stuck in your guts like meat and things that can cause cancer along with other health problems. This will also allow for more nutrition absorption which is the key to being healthy and by removing stuck on waste you can loose 20 lbs. or more.

LIVATREX also mentioned above will turn your liver on letting your body detox naturally. I lost 30 lbs taking this and eating loads of watermelon for two months. Watermelon is supposed to be best food for the liver.

Survival Shield X-2 Iodine really changed my life and is the best you can get as it’s produced from pure purple crystal iodine, you can’t find this stuff anywhere except InfoWarsStore.com or if they sell it other places like eBay. I was able to notice doors closing and windows opening while having more confidence that God will take care of me. Iodine can raise your IQ 30 points or more and used to be put in the water supply. I guess once they figured out it made you smart they took it out and replaced it with fluoride which has the opposite effect by dumbing you down. If you don’t get iodine you die and by taking it you will remove heavy metals from your body, block radiation and fluoride, support thyroid health, open your third eye and much more I’m sure along with being healthier over all. Survival Shield X-2 plus the 90 are the biggest reasons I can see God on my right side and Jesus on my left side in my mind like I’m hooked up to the spirit web. You can do the same along with being able to see loved ones and friends close to in your head as well living or dead though the living my need to do the same for good communication. This may sound far fetched, but it’s just how the body temple and eternal spirit naturally work. Getting vaccines with poison and heavy medals like Aluminum and Mercury will destroy your 3rd eye ability and probably why they give it to new-born babies which is murderously horrific.

Super Male Vitality and Super Female Vitality will super charge your love life in a 100% natural way. One thing it did for me was some how change my aura so that woman were way more naturally attracted to me. So much so that I stopped using it because of too much attention. For men it helps support normal testosterone levels in a very effective way. This stuff can get you naturally hooked on someone making it hard to leave a relationship so choose your partner wisely. When choosing a partner in life I would look for someone who you have immediate spirit connections like being able to see each other in each others minds, high heat connections or you can stop thinking about each other and you can tell they are thinking about you when they aren’t looking at you. Many or most people should be able to achieve this by using the mana below, getting close and comfortable with God and of courses waiting a bit. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to get everyone a super relationship. One of the best things for a relationship is to never be mean to each other and hurt each others feelings. Marriage is a strong natural connection between a man and a woman not a wedding, ring, and dress. If the connections is strong enough you’re not getting married for life, but for eternity.

eFoods Direct – This is some of the healthiest food on the planet and its storable for over 25 years. Some does contain gluten though the rest is very clean GMO free kosher goodness that most people with food allergies have no problem with. It might be best to buy a month variety pack first to see what you like then buy in bulk for best price. Arrange bulk section be cheapest and you can find huge deals like a month of storable super healthy chili for $50. These meals can be mixed with more healthy ingredients to make them go further or add rice. You may have the cleanest bowls ever requiring much less clean up.

AlexaPure Pro Gravity Fed Water Filter – This is the best water filter you can possible get on the planet for most people and no matter what water your drinking, this thing will make it taste a lot better along with it being way cleaner. Clean lake and river alone with newly tested volcano ash water plus remove almost all pollutants like farm chemicals, undigested meds, military bio weapons and just about anything. You can buy just the filter and use it in similar stainless steel tanks or a food safe bags for emergency use. Once you drink this filtered water your body will reject most other water sources you were drinking from before. The water is that dirty plus town and business like Walmart add hydrofluorosilicic acid to dumb down and kill employees and customers via water fountains and water filling stations. After your body configures to healthy water hydrofluorosilicic acid will actually burn your mouth and you might even throw it up. All the water filters at Walmart are almost useless and filter very little. They refuse to do third-party testing where we can really see how dangerous they are by letting through all kinds of water pollution. My mom got sick all the time and after only changing to an Alexapure she is rarely sick.

– Manuka Oil heals scrapes and cuts 10 times faster than Neosporin plus has a ton more skin curing applications. This specific Manuka Oil Soap can drastically improve or get rid of completely Foot odor, Eczema, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm, Yeast infection, Acne, Dandruff, very strong anti fungal along with much more. If there’s nothing wrong with your skin you’ll still see and feel big results. This soap will also help repel insects, head lice, mosquitoes, scabies, mites and other little pesky bugs. The bar could last a month or more depending on usage. Because of it’s super healing properties it might be better to use the Manuka soap sparingly so it can last longer. Ingredients include: Manuka Oil, Lemon Myrtle Oil, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Titanium dioxide, Galactaric Acid, Lemongrass Oil fraction,Tea tree Oil fraction, Cedarwood Oil fraction.

Youngevity has the best nutritional supplements that you can get on the planet by far for and is run by Dr. Joel Wallach who formulated the 90 Essential Nutrients and is actually a real doctor compared to the oh so many quacks in the world like the poor mislead misinformed FDA employees running and hiding every day from malpractice lawsuits, insurance fraud and their own reflection. If you already take a certain supplement check here for the best version you can get as chances are yours is GMO poison filler ridden. There are just too many products to list here so you’ll have to check them out on Wallach’s site.

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  1. The email below is sending hate mail. Must have gotten triggered on something I said. Probably the FBI.

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  2. Made a new YouTube channel for Alex Jones at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLJ7Cxs3lLlKmvqA_0qhDPQ

    since Googles policy is if you get a channel deleted you can start another one as long as you don’t make the same mistakes. They also say content is king, but really family, friends and satan are king huh. Googles privacy policy and terms of service is void and there systems and employees are open to a free for all. You don’t follow laws, then we don’t follow laws hows that sound? I’m not the only one though and it looks like they have put a penalty on his name so it wont rank at all unless it’s mega high treason illegal ranking like CNN who is magically #1 all the time despite being run be mass murders lol. We are coming for your hard. Trumps gonna win in 2020 then the hammer comes down on you like never before in history lol.

    The people who deleted Alex Jones channel are scared of getting thrown in jail and the death penalty for high treason, murder, child molestation and high treason some more. Facebook, Apple, ChimpMail, LinkedIn, Spotify must be loaded to the rim with murderous child molesters. Twitter was made out to be the hero by not deleting Alex, but we know who you are by spying on you 24/7 don’t we? These companies, Google being the worst, are actively deleting the best natural cure health information and are responsible for mass murder on a scale never seen before, far beyond Hitler. Type cure in the search and get only treatments. Did I type in treatment? When companies and government destroy people because they think their nothing, those people end up being destroyed far worse sometimes here, but always in the next. Sounds like it’s revelations so lots of judging would be done here for a change. Time to get spirit cooked evil, even more than you already are.

  3. Another hater spamming my email lol. At least say everthing is hard to take in, but the mana is dead on. You like health problems and retarded babies?

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  4. Jesus would not call someone a whore.

    Jesus Christ is Love. And reading scripture it is easy to see false fruits like this website. When Christ comes back the WHOLE world will know. I’m sorry but you really need to take this site down and stop claiming to be the Son of God.

    “Jesus wept.”


    • Jesus is full of love like making crazy people run off cliffs and commiting suicide with pigs or drowning evil antichrists with brick shoes? Ever heard of testimonies where people leave their bodies and see Jesus throwing people in hell? Is a whore not a whore? Should she be rewarded for abandoning her children and sneaking to the bush with another behind your back. You obviously dont understand the Bible or Jesus and probably are going to hell when you die. You sound like you know how Jesus is suppose to appear and when he crys and what he says which makes you a false prophet. I could go on and on, but I know you cant listen, only argue. I arranged my testimony to hide the best knowledge from people like you. Those who come close get mana and you missed out it looks like. Triggered! You should be ashamed and I deny you as you have denied me. Maybe you should put me on the cross now then lol. Your a Christ killer because you pass judgement without knowledge in one of the most horrific ways possible.

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