Aug 232018

How To Call Record TextNow And Others Who Block Call Recording, just use a device with a mic or another phone, tablet or computer that can record audio.

Anyone who denies you the natural God given right of a witness is more than likely breaking the law or is going to. In the US many states say it’s illeagal to record someone without their consent. This is illeagal and a huge indicator of high treason which is rampant. Where they say you can’t record is where you should be recording the most.

What happens when you use TextNow and other apps to call and a crime is committed where you end up in front of a lazy dumb drunk judge. It’s going to be he said she said and your word against theirs. The dummy judge might even scold you for no witness. These companies are saying it legal to hide the witness so a false witness wins in court. Because it’s magically illeagal they might not even allow it in court or you could get in trouble. So much for the truth, the whole truth so help me God. Say hello to just taking orders high treason courts with horrific flase witness greedy title blind judges and states attorneys.

The FBI, CIA or other high treason agencies must be using these call apps to do bad things cause they have went to great lengths to prevent call recording. What they are not telling you is that they are probably required by law to record all calls, but can’t say they do just like Stingrays which steal all phones calls recording them. Funny how Stingrays haven’t put a dent in the FDA, DEA, ATF, FBI and others dealing super murderious drugs for distabalization while keeping the super cure weef illeagal. Welcome to Revelations, where you don’t have to die to be judged for your behavior, you burn here first.

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