Jul 202018

Below are natural foods and the best nutritional supplements you can buy. Using 1 can make a huge difference while doing them all will cause a massive weight loss to occur resulting in 5 or more pounds a day disappearing out your bowl without any exercise needed though can help shed pounds. Really unhealthy people or older say they see a light from getting healthy really fast and start yelling out Jesus name. Probably because they have never felt better in there life by getting nutrition they have never had activating body parts they never used properly like the liver, brain or the whole body which will be affected using the info below.

The 90 Essential Nutrients or Healthy Body Pak or a V115 will help you lose around 1lb a day. The 90 is the most important part and should be taken as directed for the rest of your life for max life expectancy which is at breakfast and dinner with daily poached eggs pink salt to taste an and pepper (1-2 eggs for kids and 6-10+ for adults depending on body weight) as eggs are perfect protein and “healthy” cholesterol which the brain is mostly made of. Then only eat natural foods like chicken, turkey, fish, fruits, veggies and none processed. If you can’t afford the whole pack then at least get the Tangy 2.0 as it has the most nutrition. Watching this 3h 30m video about the 90 will open your eyes up to how nutrition is directly related to life expectancy, disease, preventing all birth defects, plus many cures just by taking the 90 and avoiding poison FDA food that is illegal. The 90 cured my arthritis in 2 days though it can take up to 60 days for others depending severity.

Slender FX REV formally known as ASAP or As Slim As Possible goes hand in hand with the 90 which are both made by Youngevity and is used for around another 1lb of weight gone a day. It should probably not be used any more after weight stops coming off.

Advanced Liver Cleanse for 10-20 lb gone in first week then around 1lb a day after. This will probably be the best cleanse you’ve ever experienced, lately it has been way cheaper than is could be by $50 when compared to buying them separate like on eBay or at InfoWarsShop. The liver is a major organ that cleans the body of toxins among other things and when it’s running good major healing and natural detox can take place in the body. This cleanse will also remove green plastic balls that get stuck in your gallbladder from foods like McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, Subway Bread, and other foods. Same plastic found in yoga mats. About quarter sized round green balls will come out in your stool. The most important part in this cleanse is drinking the Epsom salt and the extra virgin cold pressed olive oil before bed, though the Liver Shield, Oxy Powder, Latero-Flora, Healthy Cleanse Diet, and Purified Water are a must to max effects. Each time you do this cleanse your body can noticeable be felt getting stronger some how with sharper thinking and better memory along with all kinds miracle like curing results. Here are the instructions for the Advanced Liver Cleanse.

Oxy Powder mentioned above is the safest colon cleanser available and gets rid of lots of stuff stuck in your guts that can cause cancer along with other health problems. This will also allow for more nutrition absorption which is the key to being healthy. This also works as an overly effective stool softener.

LIVATREX also mentioned above will turn your liver on letting your body detox naturally. I lost 30 lbs taking this and eating loads of watermelon for two months. Water melon is suppose to be best food for liver.

eFoods Direct – This is some of the healthiest food on the planet and its storable for over 25 years. Some does contain gluten though the rest is very cleans gmo free kosher goodness that most people with food allergies have no problem with. It might be best to buy a month variety pack first to see what you like then buy in bulk for best price. Arrange bulk section be cheapest and you can find huge deals like a month of storable super healthy chili for $50. These meals can be mixed with more healthy ingredients to make go further or add rice. You may have the cleanest bowls ever requiring much less clean up.

AlexaPure Pro Gravity Fed Water Filter – This is the best water filter you can possible get on the planet and no matter what water ur drinking, this thing will make it taste a lot better along with way cleaner. Clean lake and river water plus remove almost all pollutants like farm chemical, undigested meds, military bio weapons and just about anything. You can buy just the filter and use it in similar stainless steel tanks or a food safe bags for emergency use.

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