Aug 212018

Mary Ellen O’Toole looks like Penelope Garcia from the treasonous brainwash FBI TV show Criminal Minds like someone profiled her for public manipulation to make FBI agents like her look like passive nerds that are intelligent. They are probably both directly connected and not a coincidence. The show tries to make the FBI look like nothing but heroes, but we know they are terrorists that did 9/11 along with many corrupt compartmentalized areas for destabilization and satanic control over America and the world. I was flipping through the channels the other day and saw a car drive into another car in Criminal Minds only it exploded at the same time flipping over onto the car it hit. In real life this would never happen unless a bomb was under the gas tank. They want you to be condition to except messy kills like Michael Hastings who was murdered by the FBI via a bomb in the dash board or 9/11 which was real a demolition not burning buildings falling down. A CIA agent said don’t watch the TV cause it’s MK Ultra brainwash to brick lay your life and condition you for false flags and political hijacking, plus tons more like only FDA murder meds that O’Toole pushes, not cure alls like the 90 Essential Nutrients. The CIA video has since been taken down.

I saw O’Toole very briefly for the first time on false flag crisis actor high treason TV fake news and when she profiled Christopher Watts for killing his wife and kids I profiled her for a mass murdering Nazi pawn serial killer. After a very small amount of research on Google I knew she pure evil. Poor stupid woman mislead by ugly insecurities, title blindness and greed her soul will be cleaned in the fires of Hell very soon. Killer simply looked liked some one trying to not get caught when lying on TV about the murder saying he didn’t know where his family was, not looking cool or arrogant like O’Toole says. Either she is completely wrong or she is lying intentionally to manipulate the public which is treason.My personal opinion is the O’Toole seems to be a retarded loser who is being told to say things.

Was Christopher on the type of meds O’Toole puts people in FBI that cause a person to kill others or themselves? Why wasn’t he put on no talk meds right away like false flag school shooters to shut them up in court? Let’s profile some 9/11 videos of Mueller and other FBI and see if she can sort the treason. Looks like O’Toole got set up training for false flags. Told to kill anyone lately in a way you felt like it wasn’t murder O’Toole? Give an ugly person a title like FBI and they think they are better then everyone overwhelmed with superiority, title blindness and will easily be told what to do from a superior position cause they are arrogant and cool, oh so cool. Can you believe I was on TV fighting crime and everything I said was right. I bet everyone thinks I’m such a rare awesome person that many could never be. Looks like your a retarded ugly person with psychology degree brainwash so you can murder people with meds that you have no idea what they really do.

O’Toole should be jailed and put on meds after a IQ test shows they are wrong about people and lie to deny and cover up crimes against the American people. Look at the blood and your hands O’Toole? How many peoples lives have you destroyed with false witness information? Are you murdering card board cut outs of children, pregnant woman, Christian’s and patriots? Can they shoot FBI targets of sick old ladies then? Aim for the head and feet and practice going to the funeral too. Where are the FBI that people traffic poor innocent children, men and woman via Walmart Facebook cellphone any camera facial recognition so perverted Hollywood and Elite can put in an order for their desired human to do with what they want? Who’s the “Expert” in identity theft causing most of it around the globe? Who handing out easy Visa’s to profiled terrorists for false flag attacks to blame on certain parties? Where are the FBI “Agents” the hack attack the US and use back doors to cause destabilization? How about the ones that murder with WiFi, Bluetooth ,Cell Tower, phones and other microwave radiation weapons? Who are the Langley lunatics that sell and transfer large amounts of street and FDA drugs with the DEA, FDA, ATF and you know who. Who poses as ISIS with masks or Mexican mafia?

I’ve never seen a strong or healthy looking FBI agent like they are being set up to be executed in a shit hits the fan situation. Your contract is void cause your breaking US law and whistle blowers are coming for you O’Toole. My heads getting cooked by neighbors WiFi right now typing this giving me confirmation I’m on to something or maybe just a “coincidence”. O’Toole is just taking orders acting out her programmed brainwash like a good dog. She must know that she’s using killed kids to manipulate the public for the next politically emotionally controlled false flag. MSM almost always has suffering kids right away during news time lately or always has for some kind of manipulation to condition for control.

The meds O’Toole uses and promotes are far worse than Hitler. Why no cameras where you work, malpractice and treason. Did the dummy right a book? Hard to teach this one is. Too smart she thinks. Should have been a nutritionist preventing and curing with the 90 Essential Nutrients instead of using mass murderer poison with elite treason meds. Is Alex Jones a “conspiracy theorist” or does he nail caught red handed Satans to a cross? Did you know Robert Mueller helped blow up the World Trade Centers and building 7 along with Langley and others employees around that time? Keep your mouth shut O’Toole so you can pretend to be what you are. Did you know psychiatrists are mislead to demonize and kill psychics with blasphemy and murder meds? Do you believe in hell O’Toole? Have you seen a good testimony? Your going there for sure. I bet your first though is I need meds for saying bad things about the perfect you and the arch angel FBI and that would be attempted manslaughter on ur part. How many meds are you killing yourself with? High blood pressure, diabetes, menopause (no 90), cholesterol? Your dyed gray hair is a copper deficiency so you probably have spider and varicose veins. Do you like dumb down aluminum mercury mystery vaccines? Did you know those elements poison the body and not ingesting through the mouth bypasses the bodies chance to filter them? If you like aluminum and mercury you might like to eat lead too.

Do you love the FDA that never uses cures and sells loads of poison food that seems to have disfigured your body. You worship the FDA so you think poison food is really healthy too? O’Toole is a good dog just taking every order it can be superior at the Thanksgiving table.  O’Toole looks like a really unhappy bad person directly involved in watching and triggering false flags targeting kids on meds then misleading them with specific bubble content on social media, YouTube and Google results. Are you talking into their heads with machines?

When it comes to the Santa Fe High School shooting done by Dimitrios Pagourtzis, O’Toole says “They never come out of the blue”. So you were watching him in advance and people like him or you have absolutely no clue what your doing which is malpractice. Murder meds solve all problems huh? Let’s see all his web activity and how you served him trigger content. Why always a boy? Because we are natural killers where a female would probably need a personal experience like rape and someone attacking their loved ones to kill, then they return to their natural state if love and anti violence. Like military men where always ready to kill to defend and thus make good targets for kill false flags. Male FBI must be the most murderous and perverted compared to the females.

Nancy Lanza’s son Adam was well know to have so called “mental health” issues lashing out supposedly his whole life. Police eventually found a spreadsheet containing 500 large scale killings and weapons they used. Are saying that he didn’t set off any red flags at the FBI searching online for these things or you didn’t link his hard drive up to his NSA profile where you watched it grow and could read it at any time? This shows the FBI had full knowledge of Adam and was probably trying to trigger him for a good school shooting they could put on the news. FBI likes to say they had a warrant and found something when they knew it was already there before the warrant by scanning the environment with not very smart phones, WiFi, video game counsels, Alexa like spy tech, satellites, anything that plugs in and who knows what else. The NSA watched Adams spreadsheet grow doing nothing and that’s treason for those involved. Your even more guilty than Adam aren’t you dummies. Nice official story title blind sleepy paycheck do as your told false flag crisis actors.

Bad controlling abandonment adultery trigger happy lying parenting is never to blame. Intentional FDA birth defects from no 90 Essential Nutrients are never to blame. FDA poison air, water, food and meds with shown or hidden intentional side effects along with the “doctor’s” giving them are never to blame. Keeping them up with microwave radiation devices is never brought up. Just the innocent child without a parent, teacher or elder is the magical problem.

I bet money that O’Toole is an aware high treason government employee causing destabilization intentionally or she’s so stupid and blinded by money and title that she can’t see the big pictures as Satan got to her first and said bad things are good and good people are bad. You got MK Ultra brainwash and you just didn’t take the bait you swallowed the whole pole along with the fisherman. Makes sense since she’s the MSM’s go-to. She was chosen because her last name is tool for social conditioning effect, plus she just a tool. It also says that any dummy can do her just taking orders job. Luckily, I know how to use tools to build things. Ugly woman are probably easy to mislead due to insecurities a craving something to look cool or better than others like some kind of crazy hit back. O”Toole rules!!! When it comes to the FBI The higher the rank and the more they make the worse they are. Alex Jones says 95% are doing bad things. The good things you see the FBI do in public are just cover for histories worse crimes. Please cherry pick what you need from this post including triggers.

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