Jul 202018

For a long time Suffusion had the most options out of any free theme, then in 2016 WordPress took it down, the best free theme gone like a book burning, they never ranked it right on theme selection anyhow. My guess is it was politically or money motivated since Suffusion is a way better website than 99% of free themes and 95% of paid ones.

People pay thousands of dollars and spend years of time to do what Suffusion can do for you by just installing and using it for free. If on the other hand you’re looking for the best payed theme then your probably going to want Avada, it’s pretty cheap for what it can do.


– Download Suffusion Free WordPress Theme Here Now

Suffusion Back End Gallery

Custom Includes (Extra Info)

One of the biggest features of Suffusion is the Custom Includes section which can be found by going to Appearance>Suffusion Options>Back end>Custom Includes in WordPress. Here you will be able to edit the Suffusion theme base code without having to save or back anything up. If the website gets destroyed just remove the code edit you added to the Custom Include area and everything is back to normal!

Below are some Custom Includes that took me days over the years to find and adjust with FireBug (Easy website code finder) for Firefox and will give your Suffusion a more compact look just like this very website, just copy/paste inside Custom Includes area, I really don’t know what code peices below do what anymore though I know they are major cosmetic adjustments:

blogtitle {font-size:222%; line-height:10px;padding-left:5px;}

#header {padding:0;min-height:20px;}

.description {margin-left:8px; margin-right:0; margin-top:0;text-transform:none;}

#wrapper {padding-left: 0px;padding-right: 0px;margin-top: 0;}

.post, article.page {border-style:none; padding:8px 15px 1em; margin-bottom:-15px;}

#content {margin-top:0px;}

p, .p {margin-bottom:1em;}

.dbx-content {padding:10px;}
#sidebar-shell-1 {margin-left:8px;}

img.left-thumbnail, .left-thumbnail {margin:5px;}

.entry, .non-wp-entry {margin-bottom:0px;padding:8px 0 5px;}

#cred table {margin:0;}

.entry, .non-wp-entry {margin-bottom:-10px;}

.dbx-content {font-size:16px;}

div.suf-widget-thumb a img {border:none;}

#sidebar .suf-widget { background: none; border:none;}

#widgets-above-header .suf-widget { background: none; border: none;}

#widgets-above-header {margin: 0px 0;}

.dbx-box {margin: 0 0 -10px;}

#sidebar, #sidebar-b, #sidebar-2, #sidebar-2-b {margin-top: 5px;}

.post-nav a, .post-nav a:visited {color: #123456;}

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